I have just joined Trucknet and who ever is charge thank you for letting me join.
I have been HGV (1) driver since 1978 and I am sixty this year and a few years ago I got the pleasure of getting type 2 diabetes which you will all know if you have diabetes and you don’t make there rules you are well and truly shafted which last year happened to me,
My wife died last year may bank holiday after 40 years together she had diabetes and her diabetic doctor was also mine.
a month after she died I had to have my yearly medical with said doctor so as you can probably know i had to do the medical then or DVLA would have revoked my licence for not sitting the medical.
So i was in a state as my Doctor was and as he was filling out my forms for Dvla which i thought he was doing them right then they came back with a letter
saying as from the date of this letter all your licences are revoked my doctor ticked one of the boxes wrong well the ■■■■ hit the fan straight onto DVLA I sent copies of the forms correctly filled it took a while but it was put right the DVLA manager phoned me personally and apologised and could not for one minute imagine what I was going through and reinstated my licences straight away
Now nearly a year after she died i’m trying to put my life back on track not easy not sleeping mind constantly doing hundred miles an hour trying to make ends meet back in full time work as i was her full time carer,
went to see my GP yesterday asking what is going on as i’m very tired and not sleeping he only tried to make me an appointment to go to the sleep apnia clinic as he thinks that may be the problem,
I know and my boss knows that’s not the case as he knows what a rough time i’ve had and it is only tiredness but i also found out if it is true that if DVLA get wind of of a vocational driver going to a sleep apnia clinic you loose you vocational licences minimum 6 months till they decide you have the all clear wether you have it or not.
what happens if you do this test and you can’t work can you claim sick money or any other benifits
till DVLA sort it out.

I know i have gone on a bit but now you know my history and how i feel about DVLA and a lot of other drivers who everday go through the same with DVLA

Thank you


Change your doctor 1st and foremost. Sad for your loss buddy and good luck.

I know i have gone on a bit but now



No word count on this forum. You type as much as you feel necessary.

Hope things work out for you.

thank you for your thoughts sometimes it helps to talk

Always helps to talk Bill, sure your not alone in this.

I’m really sorry for your loss, our wives are the glue that holds us together. Without them we quickly fall apart.

We can repair ourselves a bit in time and I’m sure your wife would want to see you happy and coping. They never truly leave our side as they make us who we are.

Hope it all works out.

Hi Pal,

I’m no doctor, but my guess would be that you’re not sleeping because of the stress worry and uncertainty of the situation you now find yourself in. Yes doctors may be overworked, but this GP seems to have royally screwed you from what you say, and sending you to a sleep clinic sounds like he’s just fobbing you off to get you out the door. :cry: Getting your licence back would probably be the best medicine for you, and it doesn’t sound like your GP is that interested in helping. As for the DVLA though, i wouldn’t have a clue…

Best of luck mate, and I hope you get all this sorted out ASAP.