Can any bone recomend a dvd player preferably 24 volt me roadstar tv and dvd combi is no moor would love another one but been told they are no longer avaliable. :cry:

i got a 12volt 8inch tv/dvd player with freeveiw for chrismas mate
off ebay for around £150 have problems now and then getting freeveiw but mainly it works a treat, as matter of fact going back to truck in a bit to watch gothika on fiveus :slight_smile:

Thanks will look in to that one ,keep geying told to go get an inverter and a player from tescos but we aint allowed to have inverters fitted .

I have the same problem, i bought a 12volt dvd player but my truck is 24volt. Im not allowed to fix anything to the truck. After looking around on the web for a while i found a cheap device that you plug into the cigar lighter 12/24volt, it has various adaptors with it which can be plugged into things like dvd players, tv, ipod, laptops etc etc & you can adjust the output voltage down to 12volt 9volt 5volt 3.5volt & 1.5volt.

Is this not allowed a legal thing? surely if an appliance is fitted by a qualified bloke then it is allowed.

Unless you drive for kindergarten haulage.

None of our blokes will drive a company truck if it hasn’t got a feed for a coffee maker, fridge and TV/DVD

we have the option of having a feed fitted but it has to be done by scania and we have to pay !!