CV Problems

I have recently left the forces and like many people I have decided to start a new career in driving.

I have now passed my Class 2 and completed the CPC module 2 and 4.

I am in the process of writing my CV however I have found a large problem… What can I write under relevant experience when I do not have any driving experience. I am sure many people out there are in the same position as me so if anyone can elp me it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to give me advice.

Personally, as I already had a C1 entitlement I mentioned that and ‘expanded’ on it where I could. TBH, an employer is unlikely to be able to check with the army about what you actually did.

Other than that, make a lot of noise about your other qualities and abilities. You know: responsible, trustworthy, etc. I said “What I lack in experience I will make-up for in having the right attitude and the application of common sense”, something like that anyway.

Remember, most employers are only too aware that the only thing you cannot train a new employee in is ‘attitude’.

Good luck.

Thanks Alan

It might be better if i make the rest if my cv stand out and leave the experience part out.

I can but hope with a good covering letter to go with it some empliyers will take an interest.

Im in staffordshire if anyone reading this does have employment.

I have a decent covering letter & made my CV 1 page with several bullet points as for a while I didnt have a lot of experience but did expand on a few things

You can be a bit economical with the truth but dont lie as you will be caught out

Tell them the truth and why you’re looking for a job as a truck driver. Also don’t just think about bombarding companies with CV, go and see a few just knock on the door and ask if they have any job for a newly qualified driver, many small companies prefer to see a person come through a door, than get a CV.

As Animal said don’t lie as if they find out it’s an excuse to terminate your employment right there and then. A bit of creative writing won’t harm but just make sure you can back up what you put down. Write about your willingness to learn, your good work attitude at current and past jobs etc

Thanks for the advice. I think i will try and get it up on here for some honest oppinions.