My Daughter bought herself a mobility scooter yesterday which she wants to customise, just the appearance not the performance. I did read some where about DIY wrapping but can’t remember where. She wants to be take it off if she decides to sell it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Try this mate- … pping.html

Probably not cheap, but its only a phone call away.

A wrap would be cheaper than you think - I’m guessing there’s only a few small panels need doing? To give you an idea I had a Seat Ibiza wrapped on the bonnet, roof, and livery on the sides. £300. Similarly I got my Alfa 156 wrapped completely, that was £900. Take it to a local vehicle graphics company and see what they say?

Thanks for the replies, it looks like wrapping is the way to go.Sorry I haven’t posted before we’ve been away for a few days.

How about a set of spinners :bulb: