Croydon Removal firms

Very new to Trucknet, I am reserching old removal companies of Croydon like Batchelars, Skinners and especially Turners (Transport) Ltd of Windmill Road, if anyone has any recollection of these or other Croydon removers and what happened to them I would very interested. and a big bonus would be see any photos which I could borrow, copy or purchase.

Chapmans International and Foster Biggs in South Norwood, Edes of Wallington…cant think of anymore at the moment.

Chapmans moved out of S.Norwood and down to Paddock Wood, sold their yard in Portland Road for a small fortune in 1988-89, eventually they became part of the Brittania group but eventually folded a couple of years ago.

Foster-Biggs, stopped trading ages ago, removals was their original business but then in the middle 80`s they got into Government contracts in a big way. They supplied a regular crew of blokes to different governnment buildings every day just to push some trolleys around or move some office desks!! Easy money for them and easy work for the blokes!!

I think you will find that most of the smaller family run firms in and around that area have either folded or have been absorbed into the Brittania group.

remember delivering to a removal firm,bishops move, i think they were in the chessington area