Cpc question

A local training company is offering CPC courses. I was wondering what would be the best/ higher pass rate on these courses.
They are offering home study for £500 or classroom based course for £1000. What do you think is best?

Go for the classroom it’s easier to get the hang of the formulas ,if you don’t understand something you can ask and get an answer straight away,I went on a course in the stoke area and would not recommend them ,system training are nationwide I thought how good they were.

I tried home study a few years back when it was being offered for free but I couldn’t get on with it, at the end of a long day at work I just couldn’t apply myself to it so ended up doing a classroom course. I suppose it really depends on you and whether you feel yourself able to show a bit more self-discipline than I did.

One other thing I found in favour of the classroom course was that the tutors predicted with eerie accuracy the questions which would be asked about the case study, so much so that we virtually did the exam the day before test day.

Thanks HM, I think the classroom would be best for me then.