CPC Module 4

Hi All.

I have passed everything in the last 2 weeks apart from my CPC module 4.

I have 4 hours training Thursday and Friday I have my test at the DVSA test centre.

I have most of the questions that will be asked. One thing that confuses me is where you wouod place the load and centre of gravity.

You have a part load of empty cages. Where woukd you position the load?

Surely the heqdboard then use a load tensioner, but also read it should be in the centre of gravity.

My opinion of centre of gravity, would the point of the centre which would balance the vehicle.

Another coukd be for example drawing lines from oposite corners to the other and the centre point where it crosses would be centre.

Do any of you have done this recently have any tips on this.

I recently passed my pilots licence and part of this were relating to gravity but the logic i have read regarding to the cpc.
Is completley different to the gravity logic in general.

Surely it will depend on every load as they are all different. And you may not be over weight but you could overload an axle.

Any help appreciated folkes.

Centre would be for heavy loads and is usually just forward of the rear axle(s)

Light loads will be headboard as you described

ah okay thankyou.

Don’t overthink it!

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Peter Smythe:
Don’t overthink it!

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Trying not to, I passed my practical driving test last week. Hoever, the Assessor said I just about passed as before I were indicating right, I weren’t checking my right mirror. I know for a fact I were checking my right mirror, you dont really need to move your head much to look in the right mirror.

Now I have to take Mod 4 at the same place, theres a chance of getting the same bloke, so I need to make sure i am spot on with it.