cpc mod 4

any advice people,im looking to do my cpc mod4 this week but with it been short notice will it be possible?i have tryed localy(north east) but fully booked,am willing to travel to get it done any suggestions? thanks, :confused:

Iā€™m in Yorkshire click on my website for my number and give me a ring. Possible test on Wednesday.

Paul :smiley:

Do you have your driving licence because that will be needed for the mod 4 test?

passed cpc mod 2 today and have sorted mod 4 out for tomorrow thanks to paul at elent training,cheers

Elmet bobby, hope your revising mate, see you at 1pm

Elmet :blush: revising now pal,a hope it will go ok ha

As you may have seen on another post bobby passed with 100% :smiley:

It just shows how this forum can help members.

Paul :smiley: