CPC Mod 4 loading questions

I’ll try not to make this too long winded, but is there a definitive answer to the three Mod 4 loading questions?
Namely, the paper pallets, steel plates and empty steel cages.

I’m pretty confident the steel cages go up against the headboard restrained with the load tension bar, should I elaborate any further than that? If so what else should I waffle on about, I would assume empty steel cages wouldn’t overload a front axle so is there any point in mentioning axle weight limits?

The other two have got me pretty stumped though, although I can be quite thick.
The questions state half a load of palletised paper or steel plates.
What’s half a load? Is it half the permitted vehicle weight limit, is it half of 20 tonnes, half of 2 tonnes?
It seems like a pretty vague question to me.

Where is the best place to stick this vague half load? (I can think of one place, but the examiner might not like this answer)
I would assume again up against the headboard to give some extra support under any heavy breaking, but as I don’t know the weight of my half load would this overload the front axle?
Should I put my half load of steel plates over the rear axle or would the examiner then mark me down when I’m splattered all over the cab under heavy breaking.
Would I be best to run the pallets centrally down the vehicle?

I’ve read the heavy goods guide and the department for transport load safety guide and I’m still not very sure.
I understand that circumstances in the real world vary, but is there a definitive answer for these Mod 4 questions.

Sorry for gibbering on, as I said I can be a bit thick.

The empty cages go up to the headboard. The other loads need to be up to the rear axle coming forward. Hope that makes sense. Are you not having training for Mod 4? Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks for the answer Peter, I am due some training but I’m just trying to get as prepared as possible.
I’ve sat the Mod 4 already and failed it a while ago, so my minds a bit of a blur with regards to all the info I was given at the time and I don’t want to make a ■■■ of the resit.
Thanks again.