CPC Mod 4 advice

Hiya! i’ve got my cpc mod 4 this Tuesday morning and have been revising like mad for the past 2 weeks. Just a few points I needed advice on…

  • Where abouts should I point to when the examiner asks about the centre of gravity?
  • Where would a single heavy load be placed on a lorry?
  • Where would empty cages be placed on a lorry?

I was told the centre of gravity is just below the floor on the back of the lorry.
The load question is worded wrong. They ask where you’d put half a load of whatever. Even though I was in a box lorry the examiner told me to pretend I was in a flat bed. The answer is kind of half over the rear axles and half in the middle of the bed. Obviously in the real world and in a box lorry it’s going up the head board.
And the empty cages go up the headboard and are secured with a bar.

Hi sacrebleu,

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Here is an account of the CPC mod #4 test by one of our members:

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i also have my mod 4 cpc on friday. how did you get on with it yesterday. did you pass? what was the questions like? did you revise using the pdf file that its on this site??