Cpc home study courses

hi guys does any body no if the cpc home study courses are any good or not, there the ones that you get sent all the relevant info then applie to do your exam at a test
center any info would be gladly recieved

I did a home study CPC national. took the test at truckworld. didnt have any problems with it, being on containers i had plenty of time to study tho :smiley:

which home study course did you do do you have a web site please and did you pass ok

Hi Steve, I did a home study course I used a book called The Complete Guide to Road Haulage by David Lowe, it was very helpful if not a very hard read, almost up to date but the new drivers hours and WTD I had to check on the internet.
I was a complete novice and knew nothing about road haulage at all, but I did a refresher day which helped a lot. Best thing you can do is to go to the OCR website and download previous papers and practice on those. One of the previous exams has the answers as well and has the examiners report too, which shows exactly what they are looking for and where previous students went wrong.

if it’s part of a “special offer” with a driving school be very careful as I nearly got caught out with this, look through my posts to find out how it really works :imp:

Mine was a special offer, didn’t know any better at the time, luckily I passed so now have the ‘free’ artic course, what could have been a very expensive class2 course has now turned out to be a very reasonable class1 as well

I did mine with CPC Tutorials - based in Gloucs (I think) always advertise in back of Comical Motor.

They send you the info and then you complete tests based upon each module. Send it back to em’ and they mark it for you. Then you arrange a telephone tutorial based on what you’ve done. Basically, they ring you back and tell you what you’ve done wrong and then you tell em’ any problems you might have had.

Its a decent system but still needs the basic effort required to do the coursework off your own bat.