CPC course tax deductible

So I’m newly self-employed and I’m on my CPC refresher course next week (35hrs) which I’m paying for myself. Is this tax deductible ■■

Thanks in advance for any replies (and yes, I’ve ordered some books from Amazon about tax self assessment and self employment)

I was PAYE on agency and i claimed mine.

Yes I claimed it in the tax year that I paid for the course and going to claim the mileage allowance on next self assesment

cost of the course
cost of phone calls to book it up
stationery pens paper etc
subsistence, food and drink
travel to and from the venue. I think HMRC accepts 45p per mile
parking charges

Yes claim for everything you cant work without it so its a work related cost same with didgi card

And every single driver can claim it and associated travel expenses whether they’re Ltd Company, self employed sole trader or an employee on PAYE. The employee on PAYE claims using a P87 “Expenses in Employment” form. You will get back an amount equivalent to the income tax you’d pay on that amount of earnings. So for example if you claim £500 in total and you earn at least £500 over the tax free allowance you will get back 20% or £100.

If you are claiming tax credits or any other means tested benefits such as housing benefit, don’t forget to deduct the amount you’re claiming for the cost of the course and travel expenses to/from it from the income you declare.

Wow, thanks for all the replies, lots of advice here…