CPC change of policy for pre '97 C1 holders

Thought I would share this one as it may have quite an impact for older drivers with acquired rights currently doing their HGV training. I had emailed the DSA about the possibility of getting the hours of driving training towards CPC, but as the school I went to isn’t registered there is no way to appeal it. Again, hindsight is a wonderful thing. However, the reply I received suggests the goalposts have been moved. Here is the email:

"Dear Richard

Thank you for your e-mail dated 24 February regarding Driver CPC.

We can confirm that Periodic Training must be taken through an approved training provider. If the training was not taken through an approved training provider it would not count towards CPC.

However, owing to a recent change of policy Cat C/C1 drivers who had implied rights or acquired rights will be given the flexibility of obtaining their first DQC either by taking Mod 2 & 4 or by completing 35 hours periodic training. There is no time limit for when Mod 2 & 4 need to be taken. The test route can only be taken once and subsequent renewals of the DQC must be through completing 35 hours periodic training.

As you have never had a DQC issued it may be more cost effective to obtain your card via the Mod 2 & 4 tests. Further information can be found here gov.uk/driver-certificate-of … lification

If you have any further queries relating to this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


CPC R&E Section

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency | Eastgate House, Manors Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6PB"

So there we have it, straight from the horses mouth. Could be a good thing and may help save a few quid, and if you go to a CPC registered school you could have a good few hours from your driving towards the next five years.

I am going to call the DVSA DCPC hotline to confirm that the LGV is now the same as for PCV in regards to pre 1997 licence holders

PCV has had this option for some time

Just called the hotline and YIPPEE it is correct

Pre 1997s with C1 now have the CHOICE when going for C

I am going to call the DVSA DCPC hotline to confirm that the LGV is now the same as for PCV in regards to pre 1997 licence holders

PCV has had this option for some time

Just called the hotline and YIPPEE it is correct

Pre 1997s with C1 now have the CHOICE when going for C

That’s great news and makes sense.

Is it enforced from immediate effect?

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To answer my question came in on 30th January.

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I tried booking the module 2 on the DVSA website but it would appear the policy is so new that the website hasn’t caught up yet, as it said I’m not eligible for any theory tests. I’ll try by phone.

Ok. Here’s the latest. The theory test online booking page gov.uk/book-theory-test says I’m not eligible for any theory tests so I have just spoken to the DVSA booking support. This is actually a company called Pearson Vue who deal with the bookings for modules 1 and 2. The nice chap tried the manual booking process but it too said no dice. Next stage is they are doing an entitlement check with DVLA to make sure I can go down this route. This could take up to ten days (that’s the DVLA for you). I get the impression that the system has not yet been updated to accommodate the new policy. In fact it seems that hardly anyone knows about it as the nice chap was unsure. I’ll post an update when I get news, by which time I’ll have probably just gone and done the 35 hours.

just spoke to the DVSA DCPC team.

This was supposed to be resolved but after I informed them of the recent posts on here they contacted Pearson and are getting the managers together on both sides within the next 24 hours to get this sorted

I am to expect a call within the next 2 days to update me and I will post the outcome of that on here

The DVLA are not the dept to sort this - the DVSA are

Nice one Rog. You’re a few steps ahead of me there. It would be good if they get that up and running soon.

Had a call back this morning and the online system is deffo not in place for this but calling Pearsons/DVSA should allow a driver to book mods 2 and 4 as they can over-ride the system

DVSA booking support Telephone: 0300 200 11 22 and opt for theory
Be aware that often this gets so busy you might have to keep redialling to finally get a person to speak to

If you already have a current DQC with LGV listed on it due to having a pre 1997 C1 you will not be allowed to do the initial because you do not need it when going for C
All the C categories - C1 C1E C CE are all LGV

ADD - further call from DVSA
The current procedure is this
Call the number above
Inform them you have pre 1997 C1 and need to book mod 2
Pearsons call DVSA liason officer to check driving licence entitlement - pearsons cannot do that at present
DVSA check entitlement and inform pearsons it is ok
Pearsons call driver back to arrange mod 2 booking within 48 hours

This should get easier from June when the business system to check driver licences online comes into force because Pearsons will be able to check the licence - at least that’s the plan …

Thanks for your input with this one Rog. Obviously got them moving as I called the booking helpline this morning and they can now book us in over the phone. Sorted. Might be a while before they get the online method on the go for us pre '97s. 23rd of March is the next available in Fort William so hoping for a cancellation 'cos I’m fair itching to get driving. What a rigmarole.

Just a little bit to add to this. I received an email from DVSA today confirming all the above but also adding that this doesn’t just apply to C1 licences - the policy change applies to C, C1, D and D1.

They also confirmed a driver that has completed some of their 35 hours but not all may also gain their first DQC by completing Zmod 2 and Mod 4.

They acknowledged that the websit .gov.uk has not yet been altered to reflect this change in policy but they are working on it.

This is actually quite a major change in policy.

I keep getting passed from Pearsons to DVLA and back again so I’ve decided to just do a five day block of CPC. I can get it sooner and there’s no more tests. Not that I’m worried about doing another test, it’s just one less thing to think about. I’m sure the process will become smoother once they get it all sorted out.

Just to update this one, I received an email today from Pearson Vue who deal with the theory test bookings. They have to run an eligibility check to make sure acquired rights holders can do modules 2 and 4 as the online system is not yet running. It takes about ten to fourteen days to come through so you’re as well to contact them early on. This is the email they sent me which also has their contact details.

Dear Richard

Thank you for your response, I can now release the results of your entitlements check.

The results have been returned to us stating that you are actually entitled to sit the LGV CPC test. And when you are available we would be able to book you in for this test.

However due to the issue with the entitlement appearing on our system you will need to contact our customer cares line on 0300 200 11 22. This is due to the fact an over-ride will need to be used and this can only be done by a phone agent.

Another thing you should be mindful of entitlements checks are only valid for a 10 working day period. After this the entitlement will need to be re-sent.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards

​Morgan Owen

Candidate Support Services
Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Centre

Pearson VUE
The Lighthouse
14 The Quays
Salford Quays, M50 3BF
United Kingdom

E: pearsonvueukcandidatesupport@pearson.com
T: 0300 200 1122

So, if you are a pre 97 acquired rights holder you now have the choice of 35hrs periodic CPC training OR modules 2 and 4 initial CPC tests in order to get your first Driver Qualification Card. Hope that helps.

Has anyone actually tried booking a Mod 2 and 4 for a driver with acquired rights?

The driver Trainung school I work with has just tried and it took almost a full morning of phone calls to find someone who knew anything about it. They eventually said it could take over 2 weeks to get to the point where a booking could be made.

That effectively means from first contact by the customer to actually taking Mod 2 could be 3 or 4 weeks. Add on delayed for Mod 4 once Mod is passed and it could be 4 weeks plus. Whereas we can get them on a 5 day periodic course and finished within 2 weeks.

The DVSA have said this change in policy will help ease new drivers into the industry - yeah right!!!

Outcome is the driver Trainung school isn’t even offering this option now - they push the periodic route instead

Aye Shep, that’s the trouble just now. Pearsons have to run an eligibility check which takes at least ten days, then you can phone them and they have to do a manual override of the system. Once they get the online booking system sorted it should become easier. As it is, if you are an acquired rights holder and want to do 2 and 4 you need to get in touch with them as early as possible so you’re not hanging about.

Finally, I have managed to book my LGV CPC module 2 case studies. Just as well I’ve been away at sea so I wasn’t in a huge hurry. Took some doing but it is possible. To sum up; call Pearson Vue on 03002001122. Tell them you are an acquired rights/ grandfather rights/ pre '97 C1 holder who wishes to do LGV CPC modules 2 and 4 to get your first DQC, they will run an eligibility check (give yourself plenty of time as it will take at least ten days), they will call you when the check comes through, book your module 2 and onwards and upwards.