Cowlards,pura foods,villiers transport

I hope im asking on the right section but well here goes with my request–

my dad has always been a truck driver from when i was a twinkle in he’s eyes right up till retirement come calling but he has come to the age where he’s eyes are idea and with the help of the people on this forum is to try and collect old photo’s of the lorries that i can remember he drove and make a dvd slide show not for any cash gian but just for my dad.i think it would make he’s year and also refresh some good memory’s while he can still see.right the firms i can remember he drove for and the rough decade please remember i was a small child been driven up and down the country(everyday was a adventure).

cowlards running out of barking essex.livery was light blue and dark blue i think and the trucks were layland buffalo??and a range of old erf’s
some day cabs and some sleepers towards the 80’s they got the contract to run food tankers for pure lard which then changed to the pura food group they used to run from canning town east london and the livery was lime green unit and tank.i can also remember the tank wash just south of blackwall tunnel any photo’s of that would be nice.cowlards used to do steel,rsj’s and steel rods and had some flat-beds i can remember as a 7 year old helping my dad roping and sheeting.dont see that much these days.

villiers transport running out of barking essex.livery was red with a white stripe.very small firm so not expecting anyone to have photos but would of course if they did it would be a real bonus.they first units were scania’s 2 x 112 and my dad had the only 111 but it was a left ■■■■■■ which as a kid i loved it being on that side of road.after a couple of years they upgraded to three scammle roadtrains sleepers with the big aerofoil on the roof and curtian siders the roadtrians were all twin-steers (bumpy as hell)at the time they were the new thing.used to run french water from stratford link to all round the country often bringing a return load back of spring water from the peak district.also run a lot of wine and whiskey from a bonded werehouse all used to fasinate me the fact of my dads lorry was driving into a big cage to get loaded.

safeways running out of rainham essex.this was the time of my life when i was dating and getting married so didnt spend as much time with my dad as i should i havent a clue what colors the units were i just remember my dad had decided he didnt want to chase loading times across the country any more so setteled on running a trunk route every night fr safeways.when morrisons took over my dad took the redundendcy and moved to cornwall for the quite life.

he got fed up of the quite life and started tramping for westfield’s running out of truro cornwall.livery is black with a white stripe the units were a choice of scanias all sleepers and all with the shiny chrome bits.

if any one can show me were i can obtian these pics (if they exsist)not only would make this old man happy but you would make my old man very happy as all he has is memory’s.i would just like to refresh them while we still have time.many thanks if you can help me with my little project. :wink:

For the Pura photos and Blackwall tank wash I would suggest having a word with Geoff Waddilove at South Eastern Tanker Services. SETS in Dagenham. His father owned the original wash bay and Geoff owns the “new” tank wash in Dagenham with his son Gary.

I am not sure how helpful he would be but he will certainly have some photos of the old place. I worked out of PURA around that time, 80/86 but have no photos at all. If you do get any photos, it would be a good idea to share them on here as they would be very interesting to me and others.

Contact Bob Hobbs on his site he has some on there,(example below).He charges about £1.25p per photo or something like that depending on size required and he emails them to you within minutes.First of all go onto the link I have added and type in the company you want photos of and if there are any it will bring them up for you to veiw before purchasing.

Another one here posted by scamm73 on another thread,you can always PM him and ask him if you could have a copy for your project.

thanks for the replies guys if i can do this slideshow was going to share on here for all to watch.
hopefully i can bring my dads(and mine of course)memorys back into focus for him.
just a quick one for you all.i was driving home the other night in the dark and the car coming towards me pulled in to let me pass.but instead of flashing my main beam,rendering the other driver unable to see for the next 20 seconds,i turned my dip beam down to sidelights twice in a sort of reverse flashing dad used to do it all the time in he’s lorry and i do it as it just me and him that do it?was it a old fashioned thing to do many moons ago??and is it considered a safe thing to do??

ah wheelnut chances are you proberly spoke to my dad at orchard place he spoke to everyone and anyone about anything.he was in there loading up on a daily favourite trip was to the mars factory in slough as a young kid just the smell used to get me dribbling.his name is alan