Cosmos Restaurants

Took the family out to lunch at Cosmo, a restaurant chain.■■■■ good value if looking for a meal out I recommend them.I was at the Edinburgh but they are in Glasgow anda few English locations as well.

I know a few people who have been to the one in doncaster and all rave about it,my cousin went and said not to buy a pint of lager or any big drink because theres no room for it :open_mouth: :laughing:

Yeah,its one of those all you can eat deals.I think that you can go up for more food seven times The clientelle all look as though they are repeat customers.Depending on the day and time you pay between about £15.00 and £20.00 per head regardless of how much you eat.Go for it you tipper men.

Been to 3 different ones, highly recommended… just remember room for pudding :smiley: