Cornish wannabe

Hey, I’ve been wanting to drive as a career my whole working life but never had the confidence to do anything about it.

This week I decided to go for it and the first thing I went for was Had the phone call, tried to take money before anything could start, I delayed and delayed but they kept promising the world- gauranteed £30,000+ a year, licenses in 6 weeks etc. Came on here and realised they’re just a broker and I could do it all myself.

I don’t really know where to start though. I hate my current job, i only earn slave wages and it is soul destroying. I’d love to do something I want to do but am easily put off my dreams.

Hello fellow cornishman. I’m currently starting out in getting my licence. Get hold of a training school and they’ll have a starter park with the relevant forms for a pervisional licence and medical. One the medical is sorted it tolk 5 days for my licence to come back then booked the hazard perception and theory test.get yourself the dsa theory test book and swot up on it. Then once that’s done it’s driver traing and the cpc test. Where abouts in cornwall are you?

I’m in camborne. What school are you using? I’ve contacted celtic and West Country Transport Training so far.

I’m using West Country transport training as I’m in falmouth. Got my assessment drive ne t week to determine how long I’ll need in training.

Hi guys,
I would go with Westcountry. I did my class c and cpc with them and im booked in to do my c+e with them next month
and I can highly recommend them. I found the chap from celtic didnt seem too interested when I phoned up about training
but the staff at Westcountry were great. All the best for your tests. Pete.

Firstly, think carefully. Driving a lorry can be soul destroying. The image of a Yorkie advert with a trucker and the wide open road is ■■■■■■■■. There is endless H&S ■■■■■■■■, regulation, rules, not to mention plenty of companies that pay minimum wage for driving C+E. In Cornwall, I would think that there are limited opportunities for driving, however, I’d wait for advice from locals first

Secondly, avoid all brokers. They are at best, a very expensive way to do it and at worst bordering on the criminal. Contact trainers and go and visit them before parting with cash. Brokers’ idea of what you can earn is cloud cuckoo land. As a new driver, it’s hard enough to get work of any sort, never mind the best paying work. Consider even travelling and using Peter Smythe (on here) and staying over- you won’t be conned, you’ll have proper training and you will learn a more than just passing a test.

Finally, gather as much information as you possibly can before committing money to the training. It’s not cheap, and the rewards once you pass can be hard to come by.

If you really want it, do it. Just don’t go in blind and end up regretting it later. :sunglasses: