Conway Bailey

Hello boys and girls. After the usual about the above company really, pay conditions etc…
Thinking of applying for a job there, have found a couple of old threads on here but really after more up to date information.
Thank you peoples.

They recently had a restructuring of their pay scheme.
It’s now £100 per day and an extra £50 on top for a Saturday or Sunday.
Nights out I believe are around £20.
Expect to max your driving hours and spread over each shift.
Being fridge work there will be a good mix of days and nights.
Weekly rests can sometimes be the minimum legal hours needed.
They seem to always be looking for drivers at the moment, but they also have a fair amount of long serving drivers, so it can’t be all bad.

Thanks pendragon. I was getting £120 a day on Bryans 9 years ago doing 4 on 4 off on fridges. I see on their website they say they also run tankers which is what I’d be more interested in but to be honest I get more than that for a 10 hour day where I am now and I’m home every night, only trouble is its self employed so no holiday pay or any kind of job security which kind of puts a bit of a tarnish on it.

Hiya dreamingofoz,

I worked there for just under 2 years, and unless they’ve changed things you will only be offered a ‘zero hour’ contract, so when they suffer some lean times you won’t be called upon as much. When I was there it was a simple hourly rate (which was dreadful at around £7.75p if I recall correctly - and that included about 50p for the fact you didn’t get any holiday/sickness pay etc) but the trucks are usually quite new and well kitted out with a fridge/microwave. Like anywhere you work there are some antisocial/miserable buggers out there, but on the whole I found most of the guys (and gals!) there a decent bunch. Yes, they might get you to max out your hours/days sometimes, but I can tell you that they won’t ever ask you to do anything that is illegal. They never did with me anyway. Whenever I pointed out I couldn’t do anything due to running out of hours, it was accepted. All they do ask is that you obviously keep them updated. If you can see you’re going to struggle with being somewhere at a certain time just let them know as early as possible so they can work around it. They’re fine with that.

All the best mate. Let us know how you get on if you go for it. :sunglasses:

An old friend of mine worked there for a while last year. He did not last long. Decided he could make more money on the mixers and home every night.