Contentin cruise tomorrow anyone

Anyone on the Poole to Santander tomoro Sat 27/09/08 give me a shout as there are usually over 100 trucks on it there might be some one on it who looks at these web sites :smiley:
Its a long crossing and better with some one to have some crack with and a pint or ten :sunglasses:

im on the midnight pompy to caan sun then on the bilboa to pompy 12.00 fri if anyones coming back that way :wink:

I’m on the afternoon boat, Maverick.

I’m on the afternoon boat, Maverick.

Mornin Anton how’s tricks?

ill be crusin on the 14ooh norkfolk line ferry to dunkerque on sunday does that count as its 2 hours

I’ll be cruising on the P&O Hull - Zeebrugge tomorrow (Sunday) night.

I’m poorly with the Man Flue :frowning: :unamused: , so I’ll be retiring early, unless there’s a good reason not to.
Some poor fool buying me medicinal malt whisky would probably swing it :open_mouth: :laughing: .

I’m on the afternoon boat, Maverick.

what the bilboa afternoon

I’ll be on monday nights’ pompey-st malo boat.

seems like a good idea to me, i’m sure we all spend many crossings with nobody to talk to/ have a beer with (on longer crossings). English is a second language on the ferries these days so best we preserve it!!

Im going on the Woolwich ferry tomorrow anyone care to join me?

Thats me back home (wed am) from my cruise two lads on the contentin that i knew Brian alias jag joe who i know from my miiddle east days 73 year old and still truckin and argumentative as ever, and John only 67 years old they both work for GEH so the crack was good.
And too many Polish but thats the way its goin as skids says :frowning:
Home till friday night then same again :slight_smile:

Will be on portsmouth le harve tommorrow night if anyone is around

Home from that one and now off tomorrow (Fri) cos shipping out Sat lunch to Caen again.

Hi Bear, Maverick and Daleyboy, wonder if you could help. Hope you don’;t mind me asking, but who do you 3 work for ? ( I used to do those crossings regularly carrying Fresh from Nestle in Lisieux) Reason I’m asking is that I now live in France and would like to know if any Brit company would be willing to take me on. Just a thought that you might have some ideas or even contacts. Thanks in advance for any replies. PM me if you prefer.

Anyone on the Contentin Poole to Santander tomorrow the 28 nov

Anyone on the Contentin Poole to Santander tomorrow the 20th, not going to miss xmas as im flying back from Alicante to Newcastle on Tues :sunglasses: