Companies willing to take on a new driver in Teesside

Hi all,

I passed my class 1 test a few weeks ago and wondered if anyone in the area knew of any companies that would give a newly passed driver a chance.

I’ve been driving class 2 for 8 years and have a full ADR with experience of fridges, flat beds, curtainsiders and tanks (all be it a rigid one)

I know I’m going to hit the whole 2 years experience wall, but surely someone would give me a shot?



Congrats on passing…Hargreaves,bulk tippers used to take on newly qualified drivers up in esh winning and I also understand reed boardall down in boroughbridge take new drivers(fridges),I’d ring every bugger if I was you though…good luck.

Wards in Middlesborough?

Isotank in redcar

Nicholson’s Transport Billingham might give you a start as they run class 2 and ADR work so might be able to ease you into class one slowly.


Reed Bordalls - just don’t hit owt!

Thanks guys I’ll make some calls, I spent 2 years at Nicholsons…enough said!!

Deverux , fox’s

Prestons of Potto will give a new driver a start now, never used to be the case but I know 2 on there who have just passed their test and got a start within the last 6 months

FVS also come under the prestons banner but even though the yard is still in Stockton its all ran from Potto now so there all in the same office

AV Dawson