Companies willing to give you a chance?

Does anyone know of any companies South/west yorks area that are willing to give newly qualified drivers a chance?
I’ve applied to everything, and i’m getting absolutely nowhere. All i have had so far is an induction at londis through talstaff but nothing more.

The whole 2 years experience thing is so frustrating!

Share your rants newbies!!!
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Iv found plenty of companies who aren’t bothered about the 2 year thing. You just need to do your research what companies in your area take on newbies.
Problem i’m having is companies giving out hope but never getting back in touch. Starting to get a bit sick of it all now.

Sports Direct just off junc 29 M1 are excellent for setting on new drivers - and from 18 years old. You have to apply through one of the agencies they use and, after about 3 months of satisfactory work, they offer a permanent contract.

It’s mainly nights. Sometimes double manned. Occasionally very long shifts.

It’s called truck driving fellas!!

Our office has numbers of agencies that they deal with.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Cheers Pete, which agencies do they use?

Ring my office 01623 620062. They have the agency numbers there.

Cheers, Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Theres a place near eggborough power who are ok with new drivers. Small company TM a ■■■■ but a decent bloke deep deep deep down lol. They mostly farm work on tippers with a bit of curtain or fridge work. Its flat out long days and dirty work but a good place to get experance. I started there 3 days after passing my C+E

PM me and i`ll throw ya details if ya interested

Thanks Pete

The lady on your desk was very helpful, unfortunately i spoke to someone who said sports direct was a bit slow at the moment and most of the work was going class one way.

Thanks again.

Give Knighs of Old a call at Kettering.They take on bewbies and may pay for the driving licence up to class one.Apprentice scheme maybe.
Robert Wisemans take new drivers.
Norbert Dentressangle have depots all over the UK.
Is there a Gregorys Ltd up your way.
Refuse and recycling firms?
Parcel van couriers?

Thanks for the heads up toby, ive applied to wisemans (im on file) also norbet.