Companies around Sunderland/Newcastle who take newbies?

Hi all,

Passed my C+E last week and have sent a decent amount of CV’s out and also went knocking on doors. Just wondering if anyone knows of companies that do definitely take on newbies around this neck of the woods?



depends which cab you have been knockin on the doors :laughing: :laughing:

depends how far you have travelled to & how far are you prepared to travel as there are some

Hi, as I’ve only had a week haven’t been able to try as many as I’d like but obviously if I can find names of companies who are willing to give a newbie a chance I’d certainly head over with my cv. Happy to travel about 30 miles + if itll give me the chance if a start.

Francis in Washington wont take you unless you have every ticket goin & more

you could try goin into Phili complex & puttin a CV on most of the windscreen in there as most are o/d with only 1/2 trucks but you never know when they need a spare driver or they here of something poss best done over wkend as most will be there also take names & nu. of the comp in there it might help