Common sence from VOSA

So here I’am bowling along wednesday morning when it starts drizzle with rain, flick on the wipers no problem then after about half an hour theres a clunk and my offside wiper aint going anywhere, so pull over have a look, the control arm has come of the bottom of the wiper arm, well i make a temp repairand get under way againall things back under control. So i ring our dealer for a quick run down of me options, he says that as i’m heading towards brum there a renault workshop there if needed,and gives me the number. I get up near perry bar and the ■■■■ thing comes of again, so pull over there’s only one coarse of action ring renault brum find out where they are arange to go in,bodge it back together just about to get back in the cab whan the VOSA guy turns up. Whats the problem driver, so i explain and he has a look, so what you doing now, heres were i think GV9 time, going to nip round to renault in tipton and get it soughted, so you think that’l get you there, fingers crossed yes, alright go on get of the motorway that’l be better alround he says. so i head for gate 1 M5 but have to pull over once again, and he’s behind me lights flashing on the hard shoulder, any way he followed round the top of gate 1 but carried round back on to the motorway. I got it fixed 30mins gaffers pocket lighter by just over £100.
I was just impressed by the fact that he was more intrested in getting me off the motorway, than giving me a hard time for existing, which is the impression that you get from some of them.

What vehicle were they driving?

He must have fancied you :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

I’ve normally found you are straight with VOSA they’re okay with you. From the ad’s for the job I think they look for ex HGV mechanics, so they should know that things break on the road and if you are trying to get it repaired at the first possible moment and it’s not a big safety problem they’ll let you go.

I think you might well find that he Highways Agency rather than VOSA?

Thats what I was thinking Krankee

Thats why I asked what they were driving,

Ford Galaxy - VOSA

Range Rover or Shogun - Highways agency

They always get confused as they have the same black and yellow marking, VOSA don’t usually stop for a broken down vehicle as there is no point as its already broken So not a lot of point checking it

The highways agency on the other hand will stop for broken down vehicles as its there job to keep the motorway flowing so they take an interest

Thats what I was thinking Krankee

Thats why I asked what they were driving,

Ford Galaxy - VOSA

Range Rover or Shogun - Highways agency

It was a shogun which explains a lot, i didnt realise that there were 2 lots going about thought they were all VOSA. Oh well reserve my judgement on VOSA for another day :frowning:

as someone who drives west midlands every day i’ve gota say these lads are doing a blinding job! they’ve certainly made a difference when it comes to clearing broken down vehicles off the motorway and keeping things moving, and the less said about vosa the better.

its fair enough if your lorry looks sound and in good repair these things happen but if it was covered in rust and filty and dented and allround dis repair he proberly would have had a better look at it.

like you say a good display of common sense

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I think you will find Paul b was praising the work the Highways Agency Traffic Officers do, To which I agree as I do motorway breakdowns and they quite often stop to check every thing is OK and watch my back whilst I work on the vehicle.

They don’t care about the state of your vehicle, they can not and will not inspect it for dangerous defects they simply what to get you and your vehicle to a point of safety

These will not check your vehicle over … c06977.jpg

These most definately will! … c08465.jpg