Coin drops !

How the hell are those things allowed ? The village directly south of us has them regularly and not just to raise funds for the EMS or Fire service, I could at least feel some degree of sympathy for those, but these are mostly to raise funds for some sports team or kiddy group, the lines of traffic from every way go back for miles just so each person who decides to donate stops and drops money in the bucket and holds everyone up. It just took me over an hour to go from my house to the truck stop just west of the village, drop my trailer and come home again, a distance of 22 miles round trip, I got really angry as I actually neared the idiot with the buck after sirring there for 30 minutes and the lights were on green and the three cars in front each stopped and gave money then the light went red and I was right along side the collector “Would you like to give for a good cause ?” he asked.
“I think you should give me a couple of hundred for the f***g delays you ■■■■■■■■ cause" I replied "And no, you can fk off with your bucket, if I had my way you people would be ticketed”
He just stared open mouthed at me.

Never heard of or seen such a thing to be honest. Nearest thing I can think of were those stupid roadside surveys they have in the UK once in a while where with a police presence they stop all vehicles to ask questions. This used to get on my nerves as it would always be at Killingholme after coming out of Immingham dock, with about 15 minutes left on my card and a 10 minute drive to the yard.

Pats’ weekly bitchfest ! Give yourself a break man , as you so obviously have issues regarding your life situation ,
address them and sort it out before you give yourself a coronary .

whats gonna happen when you get to the Grumpy Old Man age…

hi pat .
I presume you are talking about fort ann. unless things have changed since I was there, the fire and rescue squad rely on the money gathered at these coin drops to supplement the small amount of money that the town gave them, think they only had them a couple of times a year, never ever saw anybody else collecting. your town does the same . just remember when you need their services, which I hope you don’t. that with out those coin drops perhaps an ambulance or fire truck might not be there . sorry to whine , but you have hit a nerve with me over your post :frowning: :frowning:
cheers diesel

not so bad if they walked the line on a red then just walked back to the start on a green.
bit like the old windscreen washers in London and the flower and fruit sellers in South Africa :unamused:

go home have a brew Pat

Mick, I fully understand the need for the Fire service and EMS to raise funds, although I also think it’s a disgrace that the state doesn’t pay the costs. It’s the sometimes 4 mile long line of traffic on 149 that annoys me and every other driver trying to get anywhere. One day last year I was 2 hours late delivering a load thanks to a Little league collection holding us up, the line stared at the old rodeo farm which as you know is a few miles back.
As for the other comment, I have a life and no fear of heart problems, others have to experience these things before saying I am just miserable, they would soon be moaning them selves.

you had a good week then Pat i see lol

you had a good week then Pat i see lol

I had a very good week actually Taffy apart from the coin drop.
I covered a whole 1278 miles :laughing:
Started at 07.30 am Monday and finished at 17.00 Friday. Wednesday all I had to do was get out of the bunk in Newington CT, drive back to NYC, do a yard check and get a tyre repaired. Easy peesy Japanisee :laughing:
My first delivery next week is Ben and Jerry’s at 10.00 am Tuesday.

Grumpy old git is what you are Pat . We have the bucket rattlers up here in the frozen North also , have been known to shake one myself occasionally but it’s part of every day life as opposed to forum making material .
Get your blood pressure checked , if you had it done recently get it checked again :laughing:

If they just moved the actual coin drop about half a mile away from the traffic lights it would make all the difference. As they do it now we all sit at a red light so they only go to two or three cars, then the light turns green everyone else stops as they pass to drop money in the hat and creates more tail backs.