Closing Ltd company Questions

I worked for a agency, via a umbrella company that set me up as a Ltd company.
Now I’m PAYE as it’s easier and what I feel comfy with.

The umbrella want £350 to do year end accounts as my Ltd company hasn’t had more than 40 payments through it. This is on top of the £33.60 per week they were taking out of my wage!

Is this right? Thus much to do year end accounts?

How can I close the company and pay the tax I owe myself?

Jeez is there no depths these scumbags won’t stoop. I’ve never heard of that one before and I’ve done quite a few short term contracts where I’ve done nowhere near 40 payments. They’ve already shafted you with the weekly payments and now they want more.

Depends what you’ve signed your name to but in future these people are to be avoided.

Speak to a accountant. They’d probably charge less than £100 to do all the above if you don’t want to try it yourself.

been through closing a limited company myself mate, long story.
But the options as explained to me by my accountant was

  1. as long as all creditors (which i doubt you have) are paid etc it costs you £10 and a form to companies house. as for the self assessment and corporation tax these are easily completed yourself online.

  2. If you fail to send in accounts to companies house they will after some time dissolve the company anyway.

Best advise I can say is speak to a reliable accountant as most CHEAP ACCOUNTANTS are the ones I found tried to charge me ££££ to close the company, yet The one I had the advise from charged me £35 to check over my accounts before i sent them in.

Eventually things are moving. Tax owed has been paid and the DS01(?) has been filed with companies house for dissolving the company.

But my accountant just informed me that I should make sure there’s no money in the company account as this would become the crowns! But the account was my own personal joint account with the wife!? As the company only active for 8 weeks.

What can I do?