Climate - the movie

Has anyone watched this?
It’s over an hour, but very interesting, revealing and watchable as a TV movie. If you were having thoughts that this whole climate agenda was a load of bollox, then you’re really going to be hacked off that the rest of the world is going to continue down the ruinous path of Net Zero for no reason whatsoever and drag you with it.

I’d be interested if anyone can actually successfully search on YouTube for it?..I can’t, so it looks like it’s already being censored (is that the highest praise that can be given?). So here is a link.

Your link goes straight to it, and it has over 8k views.

So if censorship somehow proves it praiseworthy? then… :grinning:

Translation: If you deny climate change already then this will reinforce your position.

Yes, we were trying to censor it (“we” being me, Bill Gates, The Illuminati/World Government and others whose names it would be too dangerous for you to know).

Be a Conspiracy Theorist if you want to (God knows Winseer and CF could do with some new friends), but Climate Change is real, Covid was real, and the Holocaust did actually happen. No truck driver forum is going to change reality.

I’m more concerned that the general international response focuses on EVs, whilst ignoring the massive dangers inherent with Li-ion batteries, while simultaneously underfunding/sidelining the role for hydrogen powered vehicles

have you seen this video

this guy goes round educating the fire brigade and others

Cheers for that, I hadn’t heard of him or seen his vids, but anyone singing from that hymn sheet is someone I would be interested in listening to

its bloody scary although he does it from a scientific point of view

Yes I provided a link because I expect a link to work, but if you independently go to YouTube and type climate the movie into the search bar, this is nowhere to be found. Does that not appear strange to you and suggest censorship?

Be an idiot if you want to.

4th one down on the list.

It sounds to me more like
“Nearly sold out! Buy now”

I have watched some of it, but not all.
I did want to see if anything new was being offered, but no new info there.

And seeing who the writer, director was afterwards…not really surprised.
Martin Durkin has produced another well made, but misleading film about climate change previously.

So you already knew that temperatures now are no higher than during the 1930’s?
You knew that CO2 always rises FOLLOWING an increase in the earth’s temperature (following by 100-200 years)?
That reported temperature rises are simply the urban island effect of increased population?

I did know that Durkin has a history of misleading output.
His Brexit propaganda is summat else.

Ocean surface temperature since 1880

CO2 levels since the last ice age Carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere - Wikipedia

See ocean temps above.
Plus it is very nice of you to point out that human populations do increase temperatures, and we all know that the population is increasing and spreading…

Of those appearing in the film:
Tony Heller aka Steven Goddard.

Extract… Tony Heller is listed as a contributor to the upcoming release of Climate Change: The Facts 2017, a book released by the Institute for Public Affairs (IPA) and edited by Jennifer Marohasy. While investigating the authors, DeSmog noted that one of the IPA’s listed “leading experts” involved in the book is New Zealand’s Ken Ring, who in addition to being a described “long range weather forecaster” has written “two, possibly three, books about cats” including Pawmistry: How to Read Your Cat’s Paws in 1998"

Steven Koonin ex BP employee
John Clauser paid by CO2 Coalition, funded by the fossil fuel industry

And Durkin is shown here in a clip from years ago about his previous climate film which also debunks the current offering.

But if you want a REAL expose…here is a real scientist fessing up.

:rofl: Given that you conspiracy theorists operate in “opposite world”, I’ll take that as a compliment


I also liked that bit of the comments section
I stopped eating recently after I realised Big Farmer was just using me as a cash cow.

Temperatures here are wind directional dependent and nothing to suggest that a long fetched Northerly or Easterly is any warmer than it’s ever been.Siberia and the Arctic are as cold as ever.
CO2 is at bare minimum required to sustain photosynthesis.
While the Global Warmists burn trees instead of fossil fuel and call it eco friendly.

Thank God for that! If only we could get your important message out to the world?

What we need is to get you entry into the next United Nations Climate Change Conference, scheduled for 11–24 November 2024, in Baku, Azerbaijan.

That gives the rest of us seven months to organize a plane ticket and hotel for you, and of course any plus-one you want to keep you company, shouldn’t be too hard:

CF, get cracking with collating your data and making your Powerpoint, the world will thank you when we’ve all been saved. We might even get you a statue on that fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square

i would be intrested in your thoughts once you have had time to watch it.

That one is a classic!

Obviously, she is 99% serious videos, but with a fair bit of Aussie/GB humour thrown in.

Wow! But so true.

If only so called mathematicians had thought of some way of accounting for differing conditions over time?
Like adding up all temperatures over a period, and then maybe dividing them up equally?
Hmm…If only.

Yep. Dead right
In fact Siberia is warmer than it has been for over 7,000 years.
Yep. Dead right > Nope. Dead wrong.

Awww… c’mon, you can’t expect CF to be convinced by a rag like Nature, can you :rofl:

For those who don’t know, Nature is the number one rated scientific periodical worldwide in terms of dealing with a broad range of topics; only the specialist, single-topic periodicals have a higher Impact Factor