Class Two Job Hunting

Hi All

What a suprise during my weekend of hunting around the net, it seems that there is a wide difference in the average rates of pay…

Some @ £6.50 per hour - all the way to £9.00 per hour, So how is it where you all are…

3663 have a good rate of pay

I used to drive a minibus shifting office staff around. That paid £7.66 ph. Now whilst it was only a 40 hour week. It was by far and away the easiest job I’ve ever done. If you actually counted the time I was actually doing any work, it was more like £15 ph.

Given all the different sorts of pay and bonuses, I’d rather look at the bigger picture and see what I was getting on average per annum.

I’ve seen CE jobs with as little as 23k EUR here, but I’ve also see C jobs paying nearly 30k EUR.

As in all walks of like different companies pay different rates for the same sort of job.
Some high paying companies are not good to work for and some guys prefer to work for a small family run firm for less pay - and less hassle.
Its horses for courses but £6.50 to £9.50 is about the same across sthe country.
I worked freelance for three different LGV driving schools in London who paid differing rates per hour.
Its just a case of what comes up and doing it. A weeks work is a weeks work with a weeks pay in the bank - whatever the rate.

3663, Brakes, DBC all pay better than some, trouble is it’s 4am starts and multidropping chilled and frozen food often right into the larders and fridges of the kitchens.

It’s a good learning curve and most of them take new drivers too.