Class C passed today

Now to look for somewhere that’ll take me on…

Well done niall y. Congratulations.

Good luck on the work front too.

Now you can start learning to drive.
Try not to pick up to many bad habits if your going for C&E though. You’ll only have to unlearn them when learning how to pass that next test if you do. :open_mouth: :laughing:

WELL DONE :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Congratulations Niall.

Good point made by Simon!!

Well done niall. Great feeling eh?

I passed my Class 2 just 4 weeks ago, and have had a load of work from Driver Hire since. The pay is not too bad, and the experience has been great. Driving different wagons & different types of work.

Some of the jobs I have had in the last 4 weeks are:-
Multi-drop palletts driving a Scania curtain sider
Delivering galvanised steel on a Merc drop side
Overnight trips driving a DAF collecting seats from a bingo hall !!!
Overnights driving a Scania flat bed delivering window frames to building sites down sarf.

Have learnt loads on each job i.e using ratchet straps, different loads, tacho hours, finding places, sleeping out overnight etc. The learning curve has been steep, but I have thrown myself into it & done everything I’ve been asked to so far. And I’m loving it !!!

Get signed up with an agency or two to get the experience. It’s certainly a great way to learn.

how long did it take for your licence to come back from DVLA? did driver hire let you drive with your pass certifficate? @keano

Niall, I let the examiner have my licence when I passed as it’s supposed to come back quicker. Took about 6 working days to come back. I thought that was pretty fast as I had been told it can take 2 to 3 weeks.

No agency would let me drive until I had the new licence back with Class C category added.
I rang a few up to make enquiries about getting signed up, and they all told me to “come in when you get your licence back’”, although a few told me “come back in 2 years”. !!!
I was already registered with Driver Hire as I was doing a bit of van and 7.5t driving for them. So as soon as it arrived I took it to their office & was driving Class 2 a few days later. Loved it !!!

Good luck with it.

i’m registered with driver hire in chester, but they haven’t given me ANY work in a year for vans.

6 days ey? thats not bad, and yeah he sent my license off too…

Well done that man :laughing: :laughing: