Class 6.1 and 6.2

im looking at a job that requires the above classes as 6.1 is toxic substances and 6.2 is infectious im assuming it is dealing with medical waste. Would it also be safe to assume that i would be provided with all appropriate ppe and shots.

I’ll pass on that one.

PPE definitely.
“Shots”, only for 6.2 work ( no vaccines 6.1 obviously). It might be down to you to nip off to your GP, unless it’s a big outfit I doubt they have their own medical facility. I doubt you’d want anything more than tetanus booster plus Hep A & Hep B and the standard stuff listed here for health care workers. But the idea is to keep the hazards contained so there’s no real expectation you’d be exposed to them.

Used to have a unit doing this sort of work-driver only did trailer swaps-never saw the contents!

As Zac mentioned, its not meant to come out. Might be an emergency spill kit but hard to drive in any serious PPE.

For the 6.2 PPE likely to be latex gloves and a bottle of bleach. These were big wheelie bins full of waste in bags when I briefly did medical waste bins out of hospitals and drs etc.

Shots, against what? Since the patients could have any condition it’d be pretty much impossible. But again it should be stored securely so just don’t touch any needles that fall out.

Be mindful that UN numbers of Class 6.2 in PGIII are perhaps confusingly actually assigned to PGII, with the lower 333 threshold.

Most are unaware and mistakenly take the PGIII at face value. The table at shows in more detail.

I think you might mean Class 6.1, then if so, what you wrote makes sense if we read 6.1 where you have written 6.2

Unless you have some other idea that I’ve missed?