Class 2 weekend work/ad-hoc work - is it possible?


I have always wanted to drive trucks but have always been put off by current/ ex-drivers including my Dad who have all said don’t do it giving all the usual reasons around hours, pay, social life etc. However I turned 40 a couple of years ago and thought I don’t want to regret never trying it.

I thought then that the solution would be to do some weekend work which I thought haulage firms would welcome and give relief for drivers who don’t want to work weekends whilst at the same time gaining some valuable experience.

I passed my class 2 back in November but only started looking for work in the last few months. 2 local agencies I contacted said they don’t get class 2 weekend work. A local firm I went to see said the same. Looking on indeed for weekend work and all the jobs require previous experience so I’m thinking this is impossible.

I’ve been told there is more chance of weekend work on class 1 but I wanted to gain experience at class 2 before jumping into a class 1 and I don’t fancy forking out £1500+ when I haven’t earnt a penny from my class 2 yet.

Another option I have is I am able to work a 9 day fortnight in my non-driving role meaning I am also available for 1 day in the week per fortnight which may improve my chances of getting a shift at class 2.

But do haulage firms want class 2 drivers who can only work 1 shift a fortnight? Is it possible for a new pass to get ad-hoc work? Should I get class 1 to improve my chances?

Appreciate any feedback.

Based in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

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Evri, COOP ,and the rest of the supermarkets and bread and milk still deliver on Saturdays and Sundays in rigid truck and always need drivers for those shifts

I doubt there’s more than about 20 HGV agencies in your area. So it’s not difficult to make a complete list of all the HGV agencies in your area and contact them all by phone.

Go on google maps and search “HGV agencies near town/city”. Then write their contact details down, and get phoning.

A good client might want to send you out with an experienced driver for the first week. Then you can limit yourself to just weekends. As a new driver, it’s best to work for the same client each shift.

You might find that 19 of the 20 local agencies don’t want to work with you as a new driver. But you only need to find one agency that does want to work with you.

I’m in a similar position, looking for ad hoc or weekend work around north London. I passed Cat C in March then CPC, got cards from DVLA in May. I have done some refresher sessions since and found that very helpful also for work related questions.

Although most job ads are full time with experience required or preferred, there are some flexible roles occasionally for new passes. I found going for driving assessments worthwhile. My first shift through an agency was as stand by multi drop driver, was paid for just being there - great for learning how loading is done.

I have a part time non driving job, so not in a rush though keen to get experience. Agencies seemed fine with it when I explained the situation.

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