Class 2 test soon

Any tips, advice. :open_mouth:

Try to stay calm, cool and collected, just enjoy the experience and look on it as a learning experience.

If you pass first time, great, if not it does’nt matter other than hitting you in the pocket.

No amount of advice can really prepare you, you must go and do it and see how it goes, its after the test you really learn to drive.

Good luck with it and let us know how you get on? :smiley:

Take a very deep breath.

Just listen to the instructor & try to enjoy the training, also try to not put yourself under pressure & then the test will seem far easier.

Good luck justdrivers with the class 2 training and test :smiley: .

Good luck mate :smiley:

Although I am not an experienced
driver , I would advise a couple of points…
1 )Give the examiner a safe drive.

2 )If you make a mistake , dont be disheartened, keep going and try to make the rest of the drive a good one.

Good luck.

Whenever you do ANYTHING - change gear, accelerate, brake, turn, whatever, check the mirrors first.

just enjoy it and relax :wink:

as said before, dont get hung up if you THINK you have made a mistake. it may be a minor and you could still pass.
mirrors mirrors mirrors

good luck and let us know how you did :wink:

Listen to your instructor. I know it’s going to cost a few quid if you have to take it again, but you can. That’s the way I thought when I passed. Good luck with it and let us know :wink:.

Thanks all - finished the lessons(10.5hrs…aarrgghh) Just waiting for test now - I have my date and it ain’t far away. :open_mouth:

Will let you know how it goes.

Any tips, advice. :open_mouth:

Gutted - I clipped a kerb when some cars were overtaking parked cars on their side - my lane was not obstructed but I let them push me across a bit.

In fact not gutted - DEVASTATED!!!

Sorry to hear that justdrivers, in reality it can happen to anyone at anytime, a momentary lapsew of concentration, etc.

Dont feel bad just treat it as a learning experience and book another test, soon.

I know its easy to say when you are not on the receiving end and feeling pretty depondant but keep going you will get there.

Sorry to hear that you did not pass this time justdrivers
but as CM Said it can happen to anyone at anytime so
book another test and good luck.

Sorry to hear that Justdrivers… :frowning:

As others have said, dont sit there feeling gutted and annoyed… get out there, book another test and you’ll be fine this time… Just learn from your last test and if you find your self in the same position again, just slow down, dont alter course, coz you have the right of way…

Good luck on the nest one mate… :wink: