Class 2 for a while or jump straight into Class 1?

just wondered what peoples thoughts where on this, i’ve been working for the agency for the last 3 weeks doing Class 2 work, now that i’ve got my Class 1 licence do I jump straight in there or do I do a few more weeks on Class 2?..

I know quite a few people seem to do Class 2 for a while and then go in for their Class 1 licence, but with my redundancy money dwindling away quickly, I needed to get both licences ASAP.

I have to admit the thought of Class 1 work is a bit daunting :open_mouth: but so was Class 2 work when I started :wink:

a couple of my friends that drive have said that I should do night trunking on the Class 1 just to settle me in.

the idea about night trunking is a good one as less
traffic on the roads normaly and less stress,also you
gain as you said experience and knowledge
also you can look out for other types of work
offers by listening to the other drivers you meet,
while trunking,


I’d do the class 1 as soon as you can, while all the info is still fresh in your mind. You dont have to use it straight away. The agency might give you the odd day when they cant find anyone else and you can build your confidence gradualy. All the time you have it, even if not using it full time, adds up. I had mine for a year before i worked full time on artics, just doing the odd day here and there.


well worth going straight in to it.

If i have a long stretch on the vans and then jump in an 18 tonner it takes some re-adjusting for the first few hours.

The same has to be true for going from a rigid to an artic. Best to get the practice and build your confidence, while the training is still fresh

my mate had to drive a Rigid the other week…he has been driving artics for years & he said it took him a bit to get use to reversing the rigid again
Try to get onto the artics as soon as mate while its still fresh in your head.


Definitely jump straight in to class one work mate. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll get used to it and after a little while, you’ll wonder what the problem was! :smiley:

Class 1 it is, i’ve phoned the agencies and told them that when I return from my hols in a couple of weeks, i’m ready for some Class 1 action :wink:

i’ve also been through the papers for jobs and found about 4 possibilites in my area, some night trunking and another which is for Wincanton at Stakehill but I get the feeling that one will be the usual 2 years experience malarkey… but we’ll see.

reading other peoples diaries has helped, I’ll be sure to post up what i’ve been up to when I get into it :slight_smile:

thanks eveyone :smiley:

Good luck Big_Russ :smiley:

thats it big boy…think positive

thats it big boy…think positive

LOL :laughing:

Thats it mate, go for it!! :smiley:

Best of Luck Big_Russ :smiley:

Definatley agree with going straight into driving class 1, thats the way i started & i’m doing nights & its been great for me!!

Look forward to reading how you get on


Go for it!!