Class 1

Hia all,

Ive been lucky since passing my class 1. Ive had plenty of work given my way, so all of you whom have just passed yr test and thinking that you will never get work coz your a newbie, ive been lucky to say that you can do it.

Just persist with agencies etc and dont be afraid to ask. You never know!!

Ive been doing class 1 trunking work for Asda and New look.

All going well so far!

Good on ya :wink:

I done my class 2 in April and my Class 1 in May.

From May to Sept I hadn’t done any driving at all. I never managed to secure any agency work at all.

After many many letters to companies and applications I was offered a full time job driving a class 2.

it will happen you just have to keep on applying, phoning and sending off CV’s.

good luck to all who are currently seeking work!

Best thing to do is try different agencies and keep pestering them to your hearts content.