class 1

i am starting my class 1 lessons this weekend and follow on the weekend after with reversing on the tuesday and the test on wednesday 28th

i am abit nervous as it took me 4 atempt to pass class two ( i should have passed the second and the third time but examiner seemed realy stricked…

has anyone got any tips… im abit annoyed as i will be learning in the vehicle i passed class 2 with a trailor on ( classed as class 1) and have been told this is harder to drive than artic

also a tip for any one with bad nerves there is a herbal remidy called Kalms this works wonders and seems to calm your nerves down ( need to take at least a week before test )


im abit annoyed as i will be learning in the vehicle i passed class 2 with a trailor on ( classed as class 1) and have been told this is harder to drive than artic

I took my class one test on a drawbar like this on the basis it was easier (so I was told) , passed first time so I wouldn’t let it worry you. I think the difficulty depends on what you’re used to, which as a learner will be neither. Good luck with the training and test :slight_smile:

I took mine on the artic - since that was what I wanted to drive after the test. The wagon & drag is meant to be easier since the trailer follows a lot closer so you don’t have to go as wide around the corners, although certainly at Garratts Green that means they will take a W & D on test around roads that they won’t take an artic.

Best tip is to take it easy and don’t rush, since you are not driving to a schedule.

Anyway, best off luck with it.


Welcome to TruckNet UK zorg and
good luck with the training and test :smiley:

Welcome to Trucknet Zorg, good luck. :laughing:

Welcome to trucknet zorg :wink:
IMHO taking your test in a wagon and drag is the easier option but the level of training needed to pass either way will be a lot to take in. I suffered badly with my nerves but the thing you need to remember is that the test is the same structure as the class2 so you aren’t in for any suprises. You can handle the wagon because you have already passed a test in it so you only have to get to grips with the trailer and given how much you had to learn to get this far then it will be a piece of cake. :wink: :sunglasses:
Good luck. :smiley:

thanks everyone for your support :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
well tomorrow is the start of it and i feel confident lets hope all goes well

i will post the outcome soon

cheers all

Never driven a dragon and wag but have heard the same as you. Easier forwards than an artic, but harder to reverse. Which in actual fact makes your class 1 test easier than if you were in an artic because you are familiar with the wagon and only a few minutes of your test is reversing where as half an hour of your test is actual driving.

I’m sure you’ll be fine Zorg. As for your nerves, I still get nervous when faced with a tricky reverse after nearly 2 years driving artics. Just take deep breaths, take your time and keep telling yourself you are the greatest driver in the world. And remember, it’s a great feeling when it all slots into place. Keep positive.

well i could not beleive how easy i found the wagon and drag to be…

i sailed through the test with out a mark agenst me ( big head lol)

i put it down to knowing the vehicle, i didnt find it much different with trailer on

reversing was easy if you took your time and dropping and re hitching was ok

what was all the fuss about lol

now here comes the hard work
hope to start job in a couple of weeks they just got to wait for o license then im away
will see some of you in felixtow i hope as i will be taking norfolk line trailers out from there

thanks for all support

Well done :smiley:

Excellent, well done…

Now - u have any advice about driving a wagon and drag - since I am apparently driving one on Sunday ■■ Drop Boxes as well so I can imagine that loading the trailer will be a laugh and a half !!


Congratulations Zorg… well done

congratulations zorg…and good luck with your driving. :smiley:

:smiley: Well Done !

Well done Zorg :smiley: :smiley:

Congratulations Zorg :smiley: