Class 1 with ADR £12 per hour job

Overtime £13, night out £20.

Wow ! And you’re delivering down farm tracks!
Where in the country is this?

The company is registered in York somewhere but the job came up as I was looking in West Midlands. Probably hiring nation-wide as it’s a tramping job it seems.

Company pension
Sick pay

I’ll assume sick pay is SSP (judging by the wage offered), so for “benefits” read “things we are compelled by law to provide

Doesn’t offer “free parking” though :smile:

Yeah no cycle to work scheme either. Unbelievable. Good thing I got my ADR though £500 for that well worth it for an extra 56 pence above min. wage

Deffo! Your ADR will have paid for itself after a mere 893 hours on this job :grin:

They can go ■■■■ 'emsleves

Or max hours 13 hours a day Monday to Fri your have your adr cost back in 14 weeks
then cherching money for nothing after that

Yes but after 40 hours it goes upto a mega £13 an hour

His numbers on there to tell him he’s a ■■■■

One can only hope they get ZERO applicants. Tight barstewards.

You would hope so yes, but they didn’t specify “must be experienced” and there are so many desperate new passes I’m sure he’ll not be short of applicants