Class 1 Training

Hi all,

Had first Class 1 lesson proper today, am so enjoying the driving, miles better than driving the rigid around :slight_smile: Im not as verbose as some of the others on here, tho I have enjoyed reading all the posts re Training, all I can ever seem to find to say is, “well, drove along a few roads, round a few roundabouts, yeah was great, went back and did some reversing, yeah was ■■■■” :slight_smile: So forgive me if i dont give you a blow-by-blow account, but you all know what its about anyway I guess :slight_smile: Hope I can post some GOOD news in the next few weeks anyway :wink:

Thanks all for your support!



Glad you’re enjoying it Steve.

When I did my class 1 assessment, you didn’t have to do class 2 first, so it was straight from a car. When the instructor changed places with me I couldn’t believe I was allowed to drive it! No dual controls, and on a normal road with other traffic! But I didn’t want to get out when the assessment ended.

Although when he took me to hills in the peak district to practice the hill starts I could have happily climbed out the window! I seem to remember saying “but there’s a car behind me” “yes” he said, “you might find that happens sometimes” ! Didn’t half focus the mind though.

Keep us informed and keep enjoying it

Well, I think it’s official, I cant reverse for ■■■■ :frowning: Im beginning to think I’m just going to have to pay out for more and more lessons, because although (as instructor says), I am fine out on the road, and going forwards/cornering/roundabouts etc are no problem, my reversing is just ■■■■, ■■■■, ■■■■ and more ■■■■ :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

O well, just have to persevere I guess, it’s something I really badly want, so I’m not going to give up!


Steve ,as your instructor has proberly already said to you

just relax,take it easy,as rome was not built in a day,also

many of us here will say to you,we have good days and bad

days,and even now we make a complete,mess of reverseing,

and its all ways when others are around to see,

SO YOU ARE NOT ALONE Steve,all the best with the

lessons and do please keep us all here up to date how

its all going,mate.

I wouldnt worry about your reversing at the moment mate, ive been driving artics for about 5 weeks & my reversings still pretty bad. If i have loads of room its not too bad but when doing airport work you find alot of the places you go to are full of artics rigids & vans parked all over the place. Even the experienced drivers can take 6-7 shunts just to get on the bays so as you can imagine a newby like me finds it near impossible!!! I wont give up though as i learn new tricks every day.
Youll find that the reversing you have to do when training is nothing like the sort of reversing your expected to do out in the real world. All it really teaches you is which way to turn the wheel to get the trailer to kick out. Keep trying youll get better :smiley:

Yep, thanks britpete, Tyler, I don’t have any confusion about which way to turn the wheel, I can correct the trailer movement when I need to, I’m not sure what it is really, I just seem unable to put the ■■■■ trailer where I want it! When doing the reversing exercise, I invariably end up with the offside of the trailer blocking my view of the cones, when i have come across the yard and pointed the trailer into the bay…I think I turn too soon maybe? I mean, as I am coming around, it looks like the back of the trailer will slide nicely into the bay, so I straighten up the wheel, and whaddya know, i am too far over on the offside, every time, so the offside row of cones is obscured by the trailer, and then I am shunting back and forth for half an hour, as I cant seem to get the trailer straight :frowning: Just been doing my head in :confused: :confused:


The Reverse Excersise
Start with the nose of the vehicle between to two start cones as close as you can get to the nearside (left hand) cone.
Break the vehicle into a bend asap when you start moving and keep one eye on the yellow line and the other on the right mirror waiting for cone B to appear. (Dont forget to check left mirror for all round safety.)
When you see the trailer clear cone B put a slight left hand down turn on the wheel to bring the trailer back into line then aim for the first two cones in the bay. Make sure you aim the trailer wheels to miss the right hand cone by about six inches then swing the cab and trailer into a straight line and go back straight to the black and yellow pad.
If the trailer wheels are missing the right hand cone by too much room then you will probably it the cones on your blind side so be careful - and when in doubt - shunt.
Dont forget - contrary to popular believe you can actually get out (once only) and check your positioning on test so keep this in mind.
Have you had your test yet■■?

Dr keys, I got through my test…eventually.My reversing was absolutely diabolical.Am not looking forward to backing it onto a bay in a busy yard :unamused: .As bad as my reversing was (probably half of my training was spent on the reversing pad) I only failed my first test (out of 5!)for reversing.

Thanks MotherTrucker, sounds great int heory :wink: Just gotta put into practice now :open_mouth: I haven’t had my test yet, no, not booked a date, but I think should be early December hopefully. Sal, glad to know I’m not alone with the dreaded reversing, however, looks like it does get better eventually, from reading what other posters have to say on here, just wish I could nail it, its the only thing holding me back really



Well, after the whole 2 hr lesson on the reversing pad (!), I have now nailed the reversing!! :open_mouth: :smiley: Phew, thought I was never going to get there. Only the small matter of the test now :confused:


After eighteen months drivng artics I’ve just had to teach myself how to do it properly again. I got reasonably good at it and then it just went to pot for some reason. It’s just starting to come good again now but I’ve still got a bit to go until it’s summat like.