Class 1 newby wanted

We are looking to give the right person a chance and a start in the transport industry. We are based in Nottinghamshire and are a family business est 1982.We are looking for someone with passion and enthusiasm with initiative who would enjoy working away all week.

Great opportunity for someone, its great there are people out there willing to give newbies a chance, well done :smiley:

All I ever wanted to do is drive trucks and was brought up in this environment.One of the reasons I am willing to give someone a chance is that most professional and experienced drivers have no interest in this business anymore for one reason or another.we have given some lads this opportunity in the past and most still work for me.

I’m looking at getting my Class 1 very soon, end of the year beginning of next year. Do you think you will have any positions available then?

Can you PM me details.

Best Regards

I applaud you for giving newbies a chance well done, I am sure you will get the right person. I wish there were more firms like you around :wink: