Cigarette lighter plugs and chargers

I can’t be the only one who has trouble with cigarette lighter plugs maintaining contact.
The one good one I have is tomtom, which has 4 earth contacts on it so it doesn’t wobble about.

I’ve searched through ebay and amazon to find plugs and chargers for usb (for the phone) but they’re all cheapy 2 earth type.

Does anybody where to find good plugs and chargers?

If its an I phone, I got my charger from car phone warehouse, about £10-£15 I think.

If its a smartphone and need a USB charger.

Found “3” to have a very good 12-24V charger with USB lead and about 5-10 different attachments for different phones and devices - £10 all in at the shop, take away same day :laughing:


I agree, finding decent ones is hard.

I made up some leads using these: … gb_exvat=1

They have 3 contacts, not 2 (or 4) but have never had one fail yet. Not cheap though, you have to be pretty annoyed with the cheap ones to go to the trouble!

This one is very good! !

I agree, they are crap. I use all hella plugs on my stuff and use these,hella extensions too.