Chronic driving


It’s ok until he stands in front of the wrong driver like that.

I’ve seen that video before but can’t remember if it was on here or not.

Anyway, the lorry driver was a moron, bullying his way about like a complete jerk, the sort of idiot who gets us all a bad name :unamused:

One day he’ll pick on the wrong person and wish he hadn’t.

There’s some right nonsense being talked in the comments about the Merc being in the lorries blind spot, someone else is saying the Merc was in the wrong lane :unamused:

Thankfully he’s in the minority the sad fact is he gets the headlines, the bloke in the car did nothing wrong.

Just wish the bloke in the car was a bit handy and did us all a favor.

Do that in the port and some large fellow would think Christmas had come early ouch!!!