Chiswick Tippers and Haykarn Transport

Does anyone remember Chiswick Tippers or Haykarn Transport from the 1960’s and 1970’s?

I am doing some famly history research and trying to find out what happened to Henry Goldstein and George Waynne of Haykarn Transport and Tommy Petch or Peck (an Irishman) who owned Chiswick Tippers.

They were up in the Middlesborough area in the 1970’s working on the Parkway 174 Motorway.

Any information would be really appreciated.


Sally b

Hi Sallyb. I got your recent email but could not reply to you. I dont have any further information but I do remember a quite officious posting a couple of years back when I was enquiring about Chiswick. It seemed someone else was looking deeper into their business affairs.


Thanks for getting back to me.

I will just have to keep digging.

Thanks again.