Chinease p-navi help

hello guys I have one of those chinease p navi 7" satnavs & so far it seems ok, I have downloaded new updates but don’t know how to update my navi, apparenty it can be used to play music, read Ebooks (whatever they are) store pictures etc etc

I have no clue how to do it though, anyone got any tips, I’m not great with stuff like this

the downloads re zip & rar files whatever that means

I’m taking an educated guess here.

Unzip the files onto a PC and there should be an installation program within that to install the updates.

Unzipping a zip file is easy from Windows XP onwards. Anything before that and you will have to run winzip (downloadable from tinternet)

Plug it in to the pc/laptop. It should come up as an external drive.
Use winrar to extract the rars (packaged archive files, many files in one, shrunk a bit in size).
Look for a text document to read up on what to do to update it exactly.
Or google it.

I must admit I’m usless at this sorta thing, I can recondition a classic mini gearbox but when it comes to this sorta thing :blush:

I’ve managed to put mp3 music on my satnav & some pictures

I cant find a manual for the device itself :unamused: :open_mouth: :frowning:

I cant get it to connect to my laptop either

the unit itself seems to work ok, the igo8 software seems a little unconventional on how you plan a route but once you get used to it its ok

just trying to figure out where you sort of drop new maps

cheers dean & the other guy
I downloaded WINRAR & winzip created a folder to extract files to on the laptop, just trying to find where to put the ■■■■ files now

so bloody complex & time consuming & difficult-nearly as bad as drivers hours & using tachographs :neutral_face:

this is the same as mine … 1497.l2649

I thought you ordered the £278 TomTom?

I have one of the “chinese” ones and found updating really easy.

yep I got the Chinese one as a backup but I actually find it works really well :blush:

any hints tips on how to update the maps?

The maps are 12 months out of date on these, as I bought one for a work colleague that doesn’t have an E.Bay account, and when I tried to update the maps, they came up as 2012 edition. (At least TT are every 3 months.)

I gave neutral feedback, and since then, they keep pestering me to change it, even offering, and giving me, 20% back off the price. I have told them that once they update the map, I will change it, but until such a time, they can whistle.


yep i bought one of these and cant / dont know how to update the maps. give me a truck i will drive it, give me a computer i will crash it :unamused:

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