Children in Need

Children in Need- Truck Drivers pledges

Come on everyone join in

link Ok’d by Rikki, Thanks for asking !! :unamused: :wink:

sorry! :blush: :blush:

At time of posting this message it stands at


Come on you tightwads, loosen those wallets and contribute for the kids. :wink:

come on guys…just a few quid… it will all help…and lets see if we can get enough so we can get menitioned on TV… all good publicity for our trade, as only bad situations seems to be coming out…

Jeez it’s like trying to get blood out of a stone. :unamused:

I’ll pledge a fiver.

From the Admin team at TruckNet and Barrie at Truckersworld

Barrie Tozer Admin Truckersworld:
I respectfully asked Rikki to intervene with the post on Children in Need, it had
got to a point of serving no purpose by the way it had gone with a member out to
cause argument.
Please Talk and debate the appeal but I am only asking, not twisting anyones arm and
Charity is a personnel choice and I respect all who wish not to contribute.
Thanks for reading and hopefully get back on track.

Some comments from this thread have been moved to the Feedback forum, If you wish to continue the bickering please do it there and leave this thread on topic.

I have no problem with people asking others, or indeed engaging in a bit of banter ( Like Timborosso’s posts) to encourage others to take part in this idea. I will not allow attempts to blackmail,embarass or coerce.

Donating to charity is a personal matter if people wish to do it publicaly via this scheme … they can, if they wish to do it privatly that is their choice, as is if they do not wish to donate at all.

i cant stand pudsey bear , i nearly killed him , the prat decided to stand infront of my moving truck with a collection bucket on the a610 in nottingham .
Got to be worth a quid :laughing: :laughing:

I think that there are far more important things to contribute to,which I have done,at this moment in time,and that’s the Poppy Appeal.

Just my opinion.

Lest we forget.


I always give to Children in Need although I donate through my daughters place of work. She works for a charity, which gives inner city kids and children in care activity holidays so, the whole centre work very hard on Children in Need day to raise funds. Naturally I give my money to her to raise their monies collected sum.
I will not be donating through the truckers collection but that does not say I have not done my bit and if others wish to donate then that is great as it all goes to good causes but it does grieve me when people bother to post negative opinions.
I am sure we are all welcome to negative opinions but there is no need to voice them quite so vociferously

very good point Quinny