Chiaramello's, Ramsgate (1984ish) [Urgent request]

Right guys, this is an urgent matter because of the untimely death of one of the drivers called Geoff Mc Cabe.

Does anybody remember Chiaramello’s (the boss was known as “Nando”) fleet of mostly navy-blue SK 1628 Mercs that used to run out of Pyson’s Road Ind Est, Ramsgate up until the end of 1984?

As a memory jogger, here are a couple of pics of VKR 13 X, which was my regular ride whilst I was on Nando’s.

If it’s any help, we used to run all over Europe on EEC books and ECMT permits for Gondrand, Merzario and LKW Walter to name just a few.
Before my time with Nando’s, he had some connection with Greece. (Was it Velos Shipping??)

Does anybody remember Geoff Mc Cabe?
Any info would be good ESPECIALLY his CB handle from the time, which I can’t remember :blush: :frowning: :blush:

The info is needed in time for Geoff’s funeral in a week’s time PLEASE.

Given the passage of time, I’ve lost touch with the old crowd from Nando’s, so if anybody knows a couple of Nando’s Ex-drivers called Ron Good or Ian Facey, please ask them to get in touch.

This request is on behalf of Geoff’s daughter:

:arrow_right: Anyone know GEOFF McCABE? [Pics added] - OLD TIME LORRIES, COMPANIES AND DRIVERS (INTERACT - Trucknet UK

Thanks in advance for any replies.

some pics of my dad in his younger days, the photo with a few people in my dad is at the end standing next to my mum celia and my dads car at the time