Cherwell Valley decarbonisation

This article came up in my feed, fairly standard fare I would imagine from a press release from RHA, but near the end the sentence about Cherwell Valley spending additional funds received on… decarbonisation??

By decarbonisation do they mean banning trucks? :thinking:

Probably means money to install electric car chargers.
And possible solar panels

Tree planting I’d imagine. Lets them crow about their green credentials without it actually losing them revenue.

Cherwell is rammed every night in the week

I think the last time I tried to “night out” at Cherwell Valley, the place had burned down to the ground the night before… Had to spend the night sitting upright in a day cab - not an experience I ever want again. Not worth it for pocketing the measly “night out money” which was £20 at the time, if memory serves…