Checking back in

Hi all,

Its been a couple of months since i passed and as i type im currently parked up on a little industrial estate solo (makes a change for me). Dont often get the lixury of going anywhere solo, definitely believe i made a good choice in tramping, just waiting for the firm to live up to their promise and give me the keys to a shiny new unit.

Stay safe out there all, just remember its not me youve got to worry about, its all the other idiots out there making my life awkward haha. :grimacing:

Well done chap, sounds like you are enjoying it and having a great time! Iā€™m looking at taking a tramping job on class 1 bulkers, if all looks and sounds well when I go in for induction I shall change from class 2 pallet network. Looking forward to getting back behind he wheel of an artic BUT nervous about getting used to reversing :laughing: :laughing: