Cheapest C+E in my area?

Hi all,

Thanks for having me on here!!

I Passed my class 2 licence in november 2013 and am now looking at going bigger (bigger is better my partner said) so im looking for cheap options to get C+E as no one will touch me unless i have the 2 years exp. My location is ws13 Lichfield

Thanx in advance


(bigger is better my partner said)

na Quality trumps size any time :wink:

Dunno about cheap but billy thomas in Wolverhampton got me through mine with zero minors! Frances taught me but bill is great too! They come recommended by me

Thanks ill give them a ring in the morning

If you can stay away from home for a week, a special offer at Peterborough ends tomorrow. You won’t beat that anywhere.

Top notch school too. Just get deposit paid tomorrow, then do course anytime in next few months.
Peter the owner is a regular poster on this site.

Travel to Peterborough mate and get a bargain off Peter Smythe


I did my class one with ATT Redditch 3 years ago, its run by a very nice couple Dave Poole and his other half, they were recommended and I can honestly say the that I reckon they brilliant til today if I get stuck on any regs/rules I just call Dave and he’s always helpful even after 3 years.You don’t have to travel to Redditch as Dave is normally down at Garretts Greens test centre cost me £975 when I was getting quotes of others ranging £1300/1500. Pm’d you Dave’s number should wish to contact him.