chat room

nobody in the chatroom.don’t really like these things but thought i’d give it a try.lucky for me it was empty

Saturday evenings can get quite busy. Like you, chat rooms are not places :question: I normally frequent. This one tho’ has people you have read, in the forums so you already know them. Its like the forums only instant instead of waiting days, sometimes, to get an answer. Give it a try soon, you might like it. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing:

gave it a try a few times,but nobody there,must just be me :laughing: there again the pubs are still open :laughing:

Quite as few in at the moment

just went there it all went to quick for me wrote a message but didnt know how to get on there so i gave up :laughing:

I’ve noticed with my new faster 'puter, that to get on the chat room now. I have to go through the whole setup twice. The first time everything loads, but very slowly and quite often I can’t actually get in. I still get the streamed info at the bottom of the sign in, going something like, authenticating client…authenticated…■■?. If I then come right back to this forum, then go back again, everything loads up in a fraction of the time and I get straight in, no problem at all. :confused: Weird.