Changing the time on the tachograph

What did I do wrong?

I didn’t insert my card into the tacho then went on to change the clock one hour forwards for British Summer Time. I then inserted my card to do the manual entries and the tacho machine registered my time as taking out my card at 17.00 on the 28th of March but I had taken it out at 16.00. You may think that’s fine. But I had uploaded my card at 16.07 on the 28th and I have to get my manual entry to correspond with that. I can move the clock forward but not back on the day I take my card out. I can’t remember this being a problem in the past. Would it have been different if I had first inserted my card and then did the manual entry? Thanks.

Most newer tachos record in UTC time hence the hour difference in the time you finished and the time it shows. Local time a really does not really matter for recording purposes just so you know what time it is. UTC = universal time co-ordinated.

Digital tachographs work and record by UTC time and always have done.

By Sunday 28th March we was into BST so if you took your card out at 16:00 local time it should have been recorded as 15:00 UTC time.

No offence but are you sure you never took your card out at 17:00 and it was recorded as 16:00 rather than the other way round ?

What you changed was probably the local time which has no bearing on what the tachograph records on your driver card, from memory you can only change the UTC time by ±1 minute each day so you certainly never changed that by 1 hour :wink:

I am 100% certain that I took my card out at 16.00. And I write down each day the time I clock out which was 16.07.

Would it have made a difference if I had firstly inserted my card and then changed the hour forward.

What I should have said is yes they have always recorded in UTC time but newer tacho’s since whatever gen it was (which I can’t remember) all manual entries are in UTC time. Whereas on older gen tachos you had to manually account for the time difference.

It wouldn’t make any difference to what was recorded because all records on your driver card are in UTC time and you cannot change UTC time by more than one minute.

What you changed was the local time that’s shown on the tachograph display, that does not change what’s recorded in UTC time on your driver card.

Thinking about it I believe you can now choose to do manual entries in local time, I’m too long retired to have used such a tachograph but… :slight_smile:

Actually if your tachograph is set up to do manual entries in local time and you changed the local time be 1 hours before doing the manual entry I suppose that could account for what happened.

Yes that’s certainly what happened. A colleague worked 5 hrs 30 mins the day after and didn’t take a break which was fine. But after changing his ‘local time clock’, it looked like he had done 6.30 mins without a break. He was quite concerned. I’m not sure what I’ve done in the past because I can’t remember there being any questions arising up until today.

Vehicle I had is almost 10 years old with a Stoneridge digi tachograph. This is how I did it.

My old eyes read that as stone age at first, till I saw the picture, and it wasn’t round. :rofl:

It is absolutely fine. 16.07 would correspond to 17.07. If you finished the shift at 16.15 the day before, the corresponding manual entry would be to finish at 17.15 because the clocks have moved an hour forward.

It doesn’t mean you have done an extra hour on the system or that you will get an infringement for going over 6 hours or anything like that. There is an underlying time the system works to and for the summer we are just an hour forward of that.

im not getting something here… You took your card out at 16/;00 on your last shift. and wanted to do a manual entry a few days later depending what days you worked over Easter. so you would of had to wind the date back to the day of your last shift so as long as you weren’t trying to wind the time back to before 16;00 i don’t see the issue. or are you saying it wouldn’t go past 17:00 on the day of your last shift?

I think he is saying that if he winds back it shows him on duty until 17hr00.
He did book off at 16hr00 on winter time, but that will now show (correctly) as 17hr00 on BST.

At least that is my understanding of the posts.

I think the point is he had already changed the local time, so what was 16.00 is now 17.00 and the tachograph of course doesn’t allow changes to activities already recorded. Entries from 17.00 were permitted because that is when the card was ejected.