Change of hours

Ok guys
What are your thoughts about a change of working patterns, an employer looking to change from a 5 day week with occasional weekend ( 1 sat out of 11) to a mixed pattern which also includes a 4 day week, followed by a 6 day week - Not currently universally welcomed by the workforce so nows the time find out what you guys think, and more importantly - is a 6 day week legal !

over to you, what do you think guys !

What does your written contract state or if not got one then how long have you been doing your current shifts?

As far as a six day week is concerned it’s certainly legal as long as you don’t go over the six 24 hour periods (144 hours) betweens weekly rest periods, and as long as you can have a weekly rest period that counts for each week, if you will be doing four days followed by six days then another four days I can’t see there being a problem as far as the law as concerned.