Central Transport Training?

Hello everyone, just wandering if anyone here has used Central Transport Training? Are they a good company to take my training with?

They may well be perfectly good. They claim DSA Accreditation but they don’t appear on the DSA site


They could mean that the trainers are DSA Registered - but that’s not the same thing.

It could be that the DSA site is out of date.

In any case, go and visit. Satisfy yourself you’re happy and then pay your money.

All the best with it, Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Did my class 2 with them very pleased then but that was 12 years ago.As Pete said go and take a look they are in Foxs lane Wolverhampton by the football ground on the Stafford road.

Their gear has seen better days, but, they are quite cheap. I know a few people who took more than 1 attempt to pass class 1 with them. Take from that what you will.

as above seen better days if there still using that volvo try these hingley-transportltd.co.uk/training.php really nice people if you explain any weakness im going do my cpc and then my class 1

Or Westgate training in Aldridge did my class 1 with them

Thanks for all the info and replys ill go take a look soon.

I passed my Cat C with them. Was in a 12t Atego and it was a bit of a nail. The FM12 for C+E looked even worse but I ended up going with another company for that. They do have a newer Iveco for C with a drag for C+E so you could use that for both.

Will they learn you how to drive ?


I’ve just completed a weeks training with them last week. They are okay, training was okay I thought. Vehicles aren’t the best but they’re easy enough to drive.

They are currently messing me about with cpc though. They’ll only train for mod 4 on a Saturday which I can’t make at all so I’ve asked for a refund and they seem reluctant. I’ll get my money but it’s not a good image to portray, especially as I’m looking to book class 1, hi-ab and possibly ADR. So they’ll potentially lose £2k arguing over £275. I wouldn’t mind but they haven’t booked anything yet so it’s cost them nothing. I booked my mod 2 myself or I’d of been waiting months till I could drive. They want me to pass my test before even bookin mod 2. I should of took mod 2 with my theory IMO.

This is the scenario we never want to get involved in which is why we now include - free of charge - a full cpc (periodic or mods 2 and 4 depending on what is needed) with every C, CE and D course sold at normal rates.

Pete :laughing: :laughing: