Cemex redundancies?

on the way home tonight i caught on the news that cemex (owners of rmc,rugby cement etc) have announced that they will be laying off 750 people :open_mouth:
i cant find it on any of the news channels though.
i just hope it isnt any of the drivers.

I was loading at one of their sites today, and the word going around was closure.

A leading cement maker is to axe 750 jobs following a review of its UK business, it was announced today.


We’ve not heard much in rugby as yet other than jobs to go across the company as a whole so that’s all rmc quarries, batching plants etc - apparently it’s more aimed at managerial level as I do know most of the managers at rugby are having to apply for their own jobs.

They are still taking on drivers so hopefully that is a good sign for us guys out on the road.

The rumour mill has our dagenham and tilbury depots down for closure as well as a few local quarries.